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Interactive Art in Digital Age —— Yan Wujun, Deputy General Manager of Shanxi Youyike Technology Co., Ltd., Visited the College of Art

2020-07-14 10:14:05

On December 3, 2019, Yan Wujun, deputy general manager of Shanxi Youyike Technology Co., Ltd., visited the College of Art and gave a wonderful lecture on "Interactive Art in Digital Age". The lecture focused on data and explained the development of digital interactive art under the background of the second half of Internet, industrial Internet and digital age, vividly analyzed the application scenarios of digital interactive art, and looked forward to the future of digital interactive art.

In the lecture, starting from the digital age, Mr. Yan said everything has been data-centered. Data is reconstructing our living space and interactive art. Digital survival means that everything is redefined. Design comes from life and is higher than life. Solving design problems requires not only design methods, but also non-design methods. Non-design methods include Internet, technology, business, etc.; Then, the development of digital interactive art is combed by Mr. Yan, from the interactive forms of single point, multi-point, somatosensory gesture, voice, vision and posture. The interactive concept ranges from passively accepting information and actively understanding information to emphasizing user experience and immersive user experience. The input and output changes of interactive devices range from a single machine to the cooperation of multiple machines based on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence; Then, he expounded the application scenarios of digital interactive art from personal information processing equipment, household smart appliances, entertainment games, exhibitions and commercial applications. He explained in detail the software, technology and equipment needed in various exhibitions and commercial applications; Finally, Mr. Yan explained the development frontier of digital interactive art, such as somatosensory devices, wearable devices, multi-modal interactive devices, five senses interaction (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) and interactive application of the whole scene.

Through this lecture, everyone has realized that with the development of digital age, digital has been reconstructing art and design and everything has been redefined, and many new species, new forms as well as new products have appeared under the drive of new technology. Technology inspires art, while art challenges technology. Disciplines need to be merged, cross-border integration is reshaped, and digital interactive art has entered a new era of rapid development.

The lecture was presided over by Xia Bo, head of the Department of Digital Media Art in the College of Art.