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The Re-examination of Graduate Students of College in 2020 Has Been Successfully Completed

2020-07-14 09:49:50

At 9:00 on May 13th, 2020, the re-examination of graduate students of the College of Art in 2020 officially started. After a day's intense and orderly work, with the last candidate withdrawing from the online meeting, the re-examination of graduate students of college in 2020 has been successfully completed.

Due to the epidemic situation, this postgraduate re-examination was conducted online. In view of the situation that candidates can't come to the university for interview, the graduate college has issued the corresponding retest plan, which is carefully deployed and properly arranged. In strict accordance with the regulations of the graduate college, the College of Art carefully arranged the re-examination work. After attending the special meeting of the graduate school on May 9, Dean Zhao Hui brought the spirit of the meeting back to the college at the first time, and held a meeting to study and arrange the re-examination plan of the college. The college set up a re-examination working group, with Zhao as the leader and Hao Xiaoxing as the deputy leader. The members were composed of professional teachers from various disciplines. The head of the re-examination expert group was the discipline leader. Each group had 5 expert members, 1 secretary and 1 administrator to be responsible for overall coordination. On the afternoon of May 11th, the college convened a meeting of all the staff to arrange the re-examination work in detail, and all the leaders of the college participated; On May 11th, the college released the 2020 postgraduate re-examination guide of the college to the public through the WeChat official account. In the afternoon, the re-examination group experts and two candidates were selected online for simulation; On the afternoon of May 12th, the rehearsal work of all the staff was carried out according to the plan, and the candidates were tested one by one. Party Committee Secretary Hao Xiaoxing and Dean Zhao Hui went to the scene to inspect the preparations and supervised the testing work to ensure that all preparations were foolproof. At 8: 00 on May 13, the re-examination staff were in place on time to make the final preparations.

This graduate re-examination was divided into two groups, which were held in Conference Room F112 and F113 in college respectively. Re-examination adopts WeLink, the remote network re-examination platform. Online interview certificate examination, self-introduction, professional quality inspection, foreign language test, ideological and political quality inspection and other links were carried out in an orderly manner. The whole examination time of each candidate was no less than 20 minutes, and the audio and video recording of the re-examination was complete. At the beginning of the re-examination interview, due to network congestion, everything went smoothly according to the original plan after switching the network in time. In F111, the college also provided examination rooms supported by network and equipment. During the re-examination, all staff strictly abided by the discipline requirements of the examination, stuck to their posts and perform their duties conscientiously. All the work strictly followed the requirements of the certificate examination to ensure the examination effect, and at the same time followed the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, reflecting the people-oriented purpose. With careful arrangement, careful preparation and the joint efforts of all staff, the college has successfully completed the special "online re-examination" during the epidemic prevention and control period.