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A Student Poster Design Exhibition to Celebrate the 118th Anniversary of the TYUT in College of Art

2020-07-14 09:49:11

On the occasion of the 118th anniversary of the founding of Taiyuan University of Technology, our college organized all the teachers and students majoring in the visual communication of the college to create actively, condensing the deep feelings and sincere wishes to the university into poster design works full of innovation and artistic beauty. We have selected 18 works from many excellent works for centralized display, inviting the broad masses of alumni, teachers and students to taste and appreciate them.

李楚楚 Li Chuchu

邸慧佳 Di Huijia

吉栋华 Ji Donghua

尹广蔚 Yi Guangwei

王竹林 Wang Zhulin

李楚楚 Li Chuchu

李媛媛 Li Yuanyuan

王佳斌 Wang Jiabin

王文静 Wang Wenjing

司婧涛 Si Jingtao

阴欢欢 Yin Huanhuan

张腾予 Zhang Tengyu

赵子瀚 Zhao Zihan

裴钰 Pei Yu

郭晨 Guo Chen

王艳丽 Wang Yanli

王子涵 Wang Zihan

赛佳莹 Sai Jiaying