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The Theme Education Activity of "The First Lesson Back to School" Has Been Launched

2020-07-14 09:48:17

On the afternoon of April 19th, the College of Art launched the theme education activity of "The First Lesson Back to School" for graduates. Hao Xiaoxing, Party Secretary of the college, gave a lecture and Shi Hongtao, Deputy Secretary of the college, presided over the theme education activity. More than 20 representatives of graduates in our college attended lectures on the spot, and other students attended lectures online. The close combination of online and offline education was achieved, and there was no missing problems in theme education.

Around the four aspects of "cherishing life, protecting nature, strengthening faith, loving China, facing human nature, examining oneself, bravely taking responsibility, and striving for youth," Hao Xiaoxing talked freely about her feelings since the occurrence of the covid-19 epidemic, and gave a comprehensive and detailed account of the deployment and work discipline of the university epidemic prevention and control work. Finally, Hao Xiaoxing affirmed students in the College of Art who performed well during the epidemic prevention and control period, put forward specific requirements for students' study and life after returning to school, and put forward a proposal to all students returning to school-- "in accordance with the overall arrangements of the central and provincial Party Committees for epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the arrangements for university and college to return to school, do a good job in personal protection, be optimistic about life, study conscientiously, and ensure the quality of graduation design. Take practical actions to hand in a satisfactory graduation answer to the country, society, alma mater, and family members! "

Shi Hongtao answered the questions that the students were concerned about and re-emphasized the policies related to study and life during the return to school.