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The Back-to-school Work in the Graduation Grade of the College of Art Went Smoothly

2020-07-14 09:47:26

On the morning of April 16th, the back-to-school work for undergraduate and master graduates in the graduation grade of the College of Art officially kicked off.

According to the early deployment of the Party Committee of the school and college, on April 14, the vanguard students of the Party members in the graduation grade of college first returned to the school to receive voluntary service training and today all went on duty to provide services for the graduation grade to return to school; on April 15, the college held another coordination meeting for the back-to-school work of the graduate grade to make detailed arrangements for the relevant work.

On the occasion of returning to school in graduation grade, members of the Party Committee of the college went deep into the dormitory to offer condolences and visits to the students who had returned to school, and sent necessary epidemic prevention materials to the graduates.

After the students return to school, the college would take the face recognition method to check the students' work attendance, and protect the students against epidemic both online and offline, so as to ensure that the graduate counselors and graduate mentors strictly comply with the work requirements of the school's epidemic prevention and control leading group in the process of contact with students.

The College of Arts will continue to promote the work of returning to school for undergraduates and graduates in the graduation grade, so as to ensure that students will not be hindered by shortage of materials after returning to school, and their graduation creation will not be affected by inconvenience in life.