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Master’s Degree Programs


Ⅰ. History and situation

Founded in 1902, Taiyuan University of Technology is the only university in Shanxi Province listed in the "Double first Class" and the "Project 211". Its art discipline was derived from the arts and crafts major of Shanxi Institute of Light Industry in 1964. In 2005, it was approved as the master’s degree program of Design Art Science, and was approved as the professional master's degree program of art in 2014. The design discipline of our university ranks the top 50% among the "2017 Best Discipline in China".

Ⅱ. Cultivation Features

Firstly, it carries out research projects and item designs on the inheritance and protection focusing on the rich artistic heritage in Shanxi province. With the emerging of targeted poverty alleviation, the visual communication design direction conducts brand design and package design of local specialties of Shanxi province. The environmental design direction carries out interior design, landscape design, furniture and furnishings design from the protection of ancient villages and ancient dwellings. Digital media art direction promotes digital virtual representation for Buddhist temples and grottoes in Shanxi province. The handicraft art and product design direction develops the research on traditional handicraft and product made in Shanxi province, which is based on the rich intangible cultural heritage resources of Shanxi province.

Secondly, it remains committed to building a talent cultivation model of school-enterprise joint training for MFA. The college has signed university-enterprise cooperation agreements with several institutions, such as Cultural Relics Bureau of Shanxi Province, Artron Culture Group and Shanxi Construction Engineering Group. Through the measures such as dual-mentor system, university-enterprise studio system, and co-construction of practical courses, the college aims to build up the practical skills of MFA, so as to help them get involved in enterprises and society in advance.

Third, it promotes the teaching and practice through asking its students to participate in exhibitions and wing awards which are the mandatory conditions for obtaining a degree, so as to upgrade the improvement of graduate students' creative and design abilities. The graduate students of the college have made great achievements in various competitions such as Network Originality Competition.

Fourthly, it has signed cooperation agreements with universities such as the University of Chicago, École Supérieure Libre d'art de Paris and Accademia di belle arti di Roma, through which it aims to enhance the international vision and professional competitiveness of teachers and students. It strives for providing international learning opportunities for students through exchange cultivation and project cooperation.

Ⅲ. Field Division

1305L Artistic Design:

1. Research on Living Environment and Artistic Heritage

2. Research on Visual Communication and Media Art

3. Research on Product Design and Handicraft Art

Master of Fine Arts:

135108 The Field of Art Design:

1. Environment Design

2. Digital Media Art and Visual Communication Design

3. Handicraft Art and Product Design

135107 Fine Arts:

1. Traditional Chinese Painting

2. Oil Painting

Direction and Its Introduction

Research on Living Environment and Artistic Heritage

Focusing on the artistic heritages such as domestic architecture and settlements, religious architecture and environment, movable cultural relics and unmovable cultural relics, this direction takes the advantages its rich regional culture resources and is supported by the Art Heritage Research Center of Taiyuan University of Technology, the key research base of humanities and social science in colleges and universities in Shanxi province, so as to dig into the historical and cultural value of both living environment and artistic heritage as well as carry out the research projects on relevant protection, repair, and inheritance and innovation. At present, it has formed a research team and research mode of interdisciplinary integration of liberal arts, sciences and arts.

Research on Product Design and Handicraft Art

Based on the needs of local economic construction and social development in Shanxi Province, this field is supported by the Shanxi Art and Design Graduate Education Innovation Center, Shanxi Arts and Crafts Research and Development Base, and Jinzhong Tourist souvenir Development Base, so as to dig deep into the rich intangible cultural heritage resources of Shanxi province, and gradually form the teaching system with its characteristics of "material perception, craftsmanship spirit and creative design" and the product design concept of integrating nice-looking with utilitarian. This field emphasizes the interdisciplinary and integration of disciplines. On this basis, it remains committed to cultivating talents of scientific research in product design meeting contemporary aesthetics and traditional handicraft made in Shanxi province. At present, as the National Research and Training Base for Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the College of Art has made remarkable achievements with the advantage of resources.

Research on Visual Communication and Media Art

Taking the national cultural creative industry development as an opportunity, this direction operates on the basis of the features and advantages of Shanxi culture. The direction is supported by Shanxi Art and Design Graduate Education Innovation Center and integrates traditional and digital media technology to explore the form composition and transmission performance of visual communication, forming the teaching system with its characteristics of "international vision, regional culture and innovation practice". The direction actively builds open platforms of design teaching and research, and participates in design practices to form the interaction between society, culture, technology and design. It aims to broaden students' international vision, strengthen their design philosophy, so as to cultivate high-level applied talents with systematic professional knowledge as well as theoretical and practical research ability.

Fine Arts

Master of Oil Painting

Based on the traditional oil painting art growing in the global environment and combined with the strategic measures of the transformation of Shanxi Province to build a strong cultural province and implementation of high-quality artistic creation project, this direction cooperates with foreign and domestic first-class universities and institutions to build studios, and implements the training system with it characteristics of dual-mentor system. It focuses on the study of basic skills and the language and spiritual exploration of oil painting, connects the social art market, so as to gradually form the teaching mechanism of "art exhibition, market mechanism and creative ability". It highlights the integration and innovation of professional disciplines, and on this basis, it remains committed to cultivating professional applied talents who can be engaged in oil painting creation. At present, the supervisors and postgraduates in this field have made remarkable achievements in various international, national and provincial exhibitions.

Master of Traditional Chinese Painting

Based on the needs of local economic construction and social development in Shanxi Province, this field is supported by the superior professional postgraduate teaching place for graduate students(covering an area of 850 square meters) of the College of Art of Taiyuan University of Technology and the national first-class professional art museum (covering an area of 4,380 square meters). It remains committed to digging out the rich artistic heritage resources and advantaged natural scenery resources of Shanxi province, so as to carry out research projects and Chinese painting creation. Moreover, it cooperates with art galleries, painting institutes and other art institutions and implements the international education mode of "studio -- art gallery -- gallery" to cultivate high-level and applied Chinese painting professionals with both profound theoretical foundation of art and strong practical ability.

Ⅳ. Introduction of supervisors

Research on Living Environment and Artistic Heritage,  Environment Design:

Zhao Hui, Guo Zongping, Yang Ziqiang, Jiang Peng, Li Yanhua, Hong Xia

Research on Product Design and Handicraft Art,  Handicraft Art and Product Design:

Wang Yuwen, Wang Yashao, Jiang Zhonghua, Hou Shanshan, Guo Dong, Jiang Wen

Research on Visual Communication and Media Art,  Digital Media Art and Visual Communication Design:

Zhang Guiming, Liu Dongxia, Gao Yongli, Fan Wei, Hu Rong, Zhang Xiao, Sang Lijun, Wu Bangbo, Xia Bo, Li Jiang, Duo Hui, Zhu Yuan, Lu Xiawei, Zheng Libin, Li Feng

Fine Arts:

Traditional Chinese Painting: Wu Yuwen, Li Rui, Jia Lina

Oil Painting: Fan Xiaopeng, Li Xianglei, Tian Baofu, Zhang Hong, An Ruifeng