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Department of Design

Department of Design

Growing out of the Department of Art and Design of the former College of Textile Engineering and Fine Arts, the Department of Design is supported by art design discipline, which was approved in 2000. The art design entered its name for key supporting discipline in Shanxi Province in 2002, and applied for the right to confer master's degree in 2005. As the core department of the College of Art, Department of Design owns the strongest faculty of the college. At present, the department boasts more than 30 in-service teachers, including 1 professor, 6 associate professors, 24 lecturers, 7 doctors, 24 masters and 12 master supervisors.

The department of Design currently offers two majors: environmental design and visual communication design, covering the main fields of modern design and concentrating the core strength of design majors. Guided by modern design education concept, all majors give priority to students in the course of design education, take innovation ability as the core training objective, and remain committed to the comprehensive education of basic theory and design practice. The studio system is carried for each major, which takes the studio as the platform to establish module for majors and course selecting system, so as to provide humanized, independent and diversified learning opportunities for students on the premise of laying a solid the professional foundation.

Environmental Design

With interior design studio, landscape design studio, furniture and furnishings design studio, traditional carpentry studio, this major aims to cultivate the talents from interior design and furniture and furnishings design to landscape design and historic building restoration and design. The main courses include Chinese and foreign architectural history, hand-drawn presentation, architectural drawing and mapping, model making, space construction, residential space design, public space design, small architecture and landscape design, single furniture design, Chinese ancient architectures and gardens, etc.

Visual Communication Design

This major sets graphic design studio, binding package studio, creative product studio, aiming to cultivate talents in training graphic design, advertising design and planning, brand design and promotion, packing design, book binding design, creative product design. The main courses include graphic creativity, font design, pattern design, illustration design, layout design, advertising, poster design, tourist souvenir design, logo design, packing design, display design, brand image design, book design, etc.

In the course of teaching and scientific research, the Department of Design plays as active role in hosting and participating in the construction of various platforms, including the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base of Shanxi Province General Institutes of Higher Education , Arts and Crafts Research and Development Base in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Art Design Graduate Education Innovation Center, Artistic Heritage Research Center, Collaborative Innovation Center of Restoration and Protection of Cultural Heritage, Digital Design and Manufacture of University Student Innovation Center, etc. All the bases and centers are equipped with advanced experimental equipment and scientific management system. With the most outstanding teaching staff in the design department, they have achieved remarkable successes in experimental teaching, scientific research and external services.

In recent years, supported by various scientific research and teaching platforms, the Department of Design has undertaken more than 40 national, provincial and university-level scientific research projects, carried on more than 20 latitudinal scientific research projects, published more than 30 papers in national core journals, obtained more than 20 patents, and won more than 100 prizes in the competitions. Moreover, it has undertaken more than 80 large-scale projects such as external architecture and interior design, landscape design and graphic design.

In recent years, the students of the Department of Design have been active in various design competitions, such as environmental design and visual communication design, during which they have been received over 300 awards in major national events, such as "Design for China" National Environmental Art Design Competition, China Environmental Art Design Annual Award, National Undergraduate Advertising Design Competition, National Tourism Souvenir Design Competition, and Kan Tai-keung Global Chinese College Student Design Competition.